Coat Hooks Wall Mounted

Coat Hooks Wall Mounted are household items which are highly functional and are found in different places from entryways to closets to bedrooms. These hooks are of good help in organizing a space. They provide a very convenient location for hanging accessories and clothes including jackets, coats, purses and scarves. These are also available in a wide assortment of finishes and styles, each catering to the specific storage requirements and design preferences of the people.

Coat Hooks Wall Mounted

The Best Use of Wall Mounted Coat Hooks

Wall mounted coat hooks are generally used for hanging clothes from accessories to outwear like hats, backpacks, bags and purses. They serve as alternatives to the standing coat racks. These are affixed to a door or a wall using screws. The hooks can easily be mounted on different decorative backboards for adding flare. They can even be affixed on panels or rails in the form of a part of the coat rack. They can be used for hanging only one article and multiple hooks can easily be arranged for hanging several articles at one location. It is only because of their versatility and their upscale utility that these hooks are found in several varieties of properties and rooms. Although, they tend to be typically located at the entryway or the doorway, these hooks can also be positioned behind doors, in closets and even in lockers. These can be found in kitchens, bedrooms, change-rooms in commercial and residential properties like clothing shops, restaurants, fitness and recreation centers, schools and hospitals. They can even be used in the bathroom.

Factors Influencing the Choice of Wall Mounted Coat Hooks?

Making the choice of wall mounted coat hooks is dependent on a number of factors including design, finish, material and most importantly the price and available space. Additionally, the number of hooks that need to be used in a room will also depend on the storage requirements of an individual. The number of hooks used should typically reflect the expected number of users like the number of members in a family. In case, there are a number of hooks required to be mounted on a door or a wall, it is better to go for wall mounted coat racks as this helps in avoiding the instance of overcrowding the available space with a large number of coat hooks.

Different Varieties of Wall Mounted Coat Hooks

Wall mounted coat hooks generally feature the perfect combination of good quality prongs for holding more than one item. The hooks can easily be screwed into a place on a panel, rail or a wall. They can also be affixed under shelves. The different varieties of wall mounted coat hooks have been described below:

•    Single: The single coat hooks feature only one prong. They are used for hanging only one household item, clothing or article like a scarf, hat or jacket.

•    Double: The double coat hooks have two prongs and they are used for hanging more than one clothing or accessory. The prongs in these hooks are arranged vertically or horizontally for holding lighter and smaller items or for larger items as well.

•    Triple: The triple coat hooks feature three prongs and they are capable of holding minimum three household items. The prongs in these hooks are arranged with one long prong positioned above two smaller prongs. The top hook holds the heavier items while the smaller hooks hold lighter items.

•    Safety-Release: The safety release hooks are the ones that drop and then release items automatically. They generally drop the items that tend to exceed the suggested weight that the hook has been designed to hold. Post releasing an overweight item, the hook easily resets to the original upright position.

•    Flip: Flip coat hooks are hooks that can move very easily. These hooks can be flipped up in a groove on a panel or wall for creating a streamlined look in times when the hook is not used.

Looking into these different varieties of Coat Hooks Wall Mounted, you can make your choice depending on the type that best suits your storage requirements and design preferences.